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5 Things You Should Buy for Your New Home

It’s tempting when you move into a new home whether it’s a new build or simply a change of ownership of a house to immediately stamp your interiors’ taste on the entire place. While budget might not allow this option anyway, it’s advisable not to do it because it’s only through experiencing your new living conditions and surroundings that you’ll get a feel for what is actually needed and what will actually make your house a home. However there are a few items (other than the basics of a sofa, bed, mattress and the like) that will make your new home immediately more amenable and won’t dissuade your long term interior goals.

 1. Plants

Indoor Plants

Plants are a quick and easy way to make your new home appear cosier and lived in. They are widely available, are inexpensive and you can add some of your interiors’ taste through your choice of plant pot and accessories. Plants can be hung from the ceiling especially if they are of a cascading style such as Ivy and you will find suitably sized plants no matter how big or small your new space actually is. If you’ve tried plants in the past and have failed miserably in terms of keeping them alive, you should check out our foolproof guide on keeping plants alive


 2. Side Tables

Side Table

You’ll likely have lots of callers to your new home who want to wish you well and you’re likely to have a glass of wine or a cup of tea to welcome them and to celebrate. Where will everyone place their cups or glasses? One, or even a few side tables are an astute and purse friendly addition to your starter furniture collection; not only will they be a practical purchase but it won’t matter that they might not match the remainder of the furniture that you end up buying. The beauty of something like a side table is that they don’t need to blend in; they can be standalone pieces in their own right. 

3. Lighting

Lighting Fixtures

If it’s a home you’ve bought that is a few years old, you might be lucky to inherit some lighting with character. Alternatively you could have inherited some of those florescent strip lighting that really only resembles something out of a police interrogation room. New lighting fixtures vary hugely in price but budget options are widely available and can look amazing. A vintage style lighting fixture can add real character to a room for very little monetary outlay. Consider adding some lamps around the likes of a living room and the addition of a lamp table again won’t collapse your budget but it will add to your cosiness. 


4. Mirrors


Not least for the practicalities in terms of having something to check your appearance in before you leave the house, a mirror or series of mirrors are a good addition to your new home. Mirrors will fit in with most decor styles that you decide upon down the road and they can also, with careful placement, make a room appear larger than it is. Large scale mirrors also look well placed free standing against walls for a modern look, just ensure they are safe and not in danger of toppling over. Check out our decorative mirrors guide for more advice on buying the perfect mirror for your home. 


5. Baskets

Storage Baskets

Storage baskets of varying sizes are inexpensive, practical and with their rustic look, they can add real appeal to your home’s interior. Furthermore, they can be placed under tables and other storage units as you buy them down the line to keep things well organised and out of the way. Rustic style baskets like the above would look quite pretty placed under a hall table or many styles of console tables.

 We wish you best of luck in your new home. Our sales advisors will be happy to help you with any guidance you need as you begin furnishing your new home! 

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