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House and Indoor Plants Guide

Many people love to have house and indoor plants in their homes. However it can sometimes be a struggle to maintain and keep them alive beyond a few weeks or months. We have put together a guide which details what house plants are suitable in various locations within your house and crucially, how to keep them alive! 

House & Indoor Plants

House & Indoor Plants for the Living Room

  • English Ivy

English Ivy is an incredibly easy house plant to have because it grows well and is adaptable to most surroundings. It’s a plant that can look fantastic as a hanging plant or kept on the ground. It keeps the air filtered so it should be a welcome indoor plant that will fit in well with most living room furniture and decor.

How to Keep it Alive?

  1. It requires moderate warmth and medium sunlight
  2. Let the soil dry before watering
  3. Spray the leaves with soft water to prevent spider mites
  • Peace Lily
House & Indoor Plants

The Peace Lily plant is a great choice of indoor plant for your living room because it looks great and will work hard for its existence by raising humidity levels by around 5%; this increased moisture in the air of your living room prevents things like blocked noses and itchy eyes so it should be very welcome!

How to Keep it Alive?

  1. Keep the soil moist at all times but take care not to overwater
  2. It likes a warm environment
  3. Don’t keep in direct sunlight but if you find that the flower is dying, place somewhere it will get more light

House & Indoor Plants for the Bedroom

  • Snake Plant
House & Indoor Plants

The Snake Plant is a good choice for the corner of a bedroom to add colour and texture. It also tends to emit oxygen at night so adding it to your bedroom will give a nice boost to the air quality.

How to Keep it Alive?

  1. It doesn’t need to be watered frequently
  2. It doesn’t require light to thrive
  • Aloe Vera
House & Indoor Plants

This is a nice addition to a bedroom also because its size is versatile plus the gel that comes from the leaves (when broken) has healing qualities so it can form part of your moisturising regime when needed! It also works hard to emit oxygen at night-time so it’s good for air quality.

How to Keep it Alive?

  1. It works better when exposed to light so make sure to find a place perhaps near a window where sunlight will be shining in
  2. Keep the soil watered but let it dry out before re-watering

House & Indoor Plants for the Dining Room

  • Areca Palm 
House & Indoor Plants

With their arching long leaves, these plants command attention and will look wonderfully at home in your dining room on the likes of a sideboard or plant stand.

How to Keep it Alive?

  1. It’s very important that the Areca Palm gets good light but it should not be direct light
  2. Keep the soil moist through watering in spring and summer but let it dry a little more during autumn and winter
  • Begonia
House & Indoor Plants

Begonias belong to one of three types — tuberous, fibrous and rhizomatous. The latter two types are more suitable to being houseplants and can produce beautiful flowers in a variety of colours which will add beautiful depth to your dining room.

How to Keep it Alive?

  1. Keep them in a position where they will enjoy indirect sunlight
  2. Water them only when they need it. Overwatering is their main killer so wait until you see the leaves droop a little before watering

House & Indoor Plants for the Kitchen

  • White Jasmine

House & Indoor Plants

The sweet aroma of the White Jasmine plant will make you adore it immediately and it’s a fantastic indoor plant to have in your kitchen. Its pristine white flowers look simple yet beautiful.Place on a south facing window or on a mantle over a stove/cooker as it can grow rapidly and will look lovely as it cascades from a base such as there.

How to Keep it Alive?

  1. During spring and summer Jasmine needs full sunlight
  2. In winter, Jasmine still needs light, but it doesn’t have to be direct
  3. Soil should be moist but take care not to overwater
  4. Water less in autumn. Over the winter and spring months keep the plant soil slightly dry
  5. Prune after spring to shape the plant
  • Aluminium Plant

House & Indoor Plants

This is a great plant for the kitchen especially if you have an abundance of stainless steel appliances due to its alluring silver and green foliage. It’s also meant to be held in a hanging type basket which will save on counter space and will look lovely in your kitchen.

How to Keep it Alive?

  1. It requires bright light and won’t survive otherwise
  2. Keep the soil moist all year except for winter, when you should leave to dry a little more
  3. This is a tropical plant so will enjoy moderate to warmer locations
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