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How to Care for Your Wooden Furniture

Dining Table- Ezliving Furniture

How to Care for Your Wooden Furniture

You most likely have an abundance of wooden furniture throughout your home. From bedside lockers and dressing tables in the bedroom to dining room tables, coffee tables and cabinets downstairs, almost every room in your home probably has at least one wooden furniture item.

The beauty of such furnishings is that they combine aesthetic appeal with impressive durability – if they’re maintained as well as they should be. Even the toughest woods can show signs of neglect over time if they are not treated with care, so it’s important that when you have wooden furniture in your home, you care for it consistently so that its quality is preserved for years to come. Let’s examine some common wooden furniture items and how best to care for them. 

Dressing Table- Ezliving Furniture

Dressing table care tips

Dressing tables are a staple feature of the bedroom. It’s where people organise valuable beauty products such as make-up and is a hub of activity for preparing for all types of social occasions. However, it can become stained due to the abundant use of cosmetics and creams, so here’s how you can keep your dressing table looking its finest throughout its life cycle.

  • Take great care with sharp or hot items such as scissors or hair straighteners so that you don’t drag them across the table top or leave them straight down on the wood.
  • Apply cosmetic products carefully, as allowing hair dye or lipstick to drip onto the table could leave a stain that is very difficult to remove. If something does spill on the table, clean it immediately with a damp cloth.
  • If replacing door knobs or handles, tighten them gently until they no longer wobble. If they’re taut too firmly, they might crack the wood or indeed the glass of any mirrors you’ve placed on the table.
  • Discard cosmetic items after they’re empty or you’ve finished using them, as some of the product could stick to the container and, if left on the table, could stain the wood.
  • Get into the habit of wiping the table any time you finish using it. This will eradicate any stains or dust which may have accumulated discreetly.

Drawers Set- Ezliving FurnitureCare tips for dining tables & coffee tables

Dining tables and coffee tables see everyday use, so even the sturdiest of them could show signs of ageing after a while unless they are maintained impeccably. Dining tables especially are a feature item of the home, so it is well worth preserving its pristine condition long after initial purchase. Here’s how you can care for your dining and coffee tables so that their quality doesn’t diminish.

  • Wipe down the tables at least once a week with a soft, lint-free cloth so that dust isn’t given a chance to accumulate. Gatherings of dust could scratch the wood’s surface if left untreated.
  • Refrain from using Pledge and other dust polishes, as these contain silicones which could seep into and damage the woodgrain.
  • Use coasters any time you’re placing glasses, cups or plates onto a dining or coffee table. Hot crockery can leave marks on your table which may be difficult to remove, while you’re also running the risk of the heat seeping into the wood.
  • If your table gets marked from hot glasses or cups, rub it with mayonnaise for the best chance of removing the marks.
  • Keep tables away from notably hot or cold areas in a room, such as radiators and windows. Leaving it next to a radiator could see the wood become warped, while exposing them to the draught of a window could result in the wood becoming cracked.
  • Never stand on a dining or coffee table; the latter especially could collapse under an adult’s body weight. Also, you’ll probably leave marks from footwear.
  • If placing an object onto a dining or coffee table, ensure to do so gently. Dragging an item across the table top or placing a sharp object down on it forcefully could scratch the wood.
  • These rules also apply to other wooden furniture such as dining chairs and console tables
Wooden Cabinets- Ezliving Furniture

Care tips for wooden cabinets

Wooden display cabinets, whether hung or free-standing and whether in your kitchen, living room or anywhere else in your home, are not only practical for the storage that they provide – they also bring a stunning visual embellishment to your living space. These pointers will help you to keep your cabinets in excellent condition for years.

  • Clean the wood with a soft, damp, line-free cloth before drying immediately. Do not use abrasive products (e.g. steel wools) or cleaners with bleach.
  • Never use wax or polish for cleaning cabinets. The compounds of waxes or polishes could build up on the wood over time, resulting in a streaky, yellowed appearance that is very difficult to remove.
  • Do not leave anything damp on cabinet doors, as the moisture could cause the wood finish to peel or become discoloured.
  • Avoid putting cabinets near or above hot areas such as cookers. The heat from ovens, if allowed to escape, can damage the wood.
  • Do not leave cabinets exposed to direct sunlight, as this could darken the colour of natural wood or cause painted wood surfaces to fade. This goes for bookshelves, too.

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General care tips for wooden furniture in your home

  • Wood tends not to require heavy cleaning. A weekly clean with a damp microfibre cloth will keep it in fine condition, maintaining its shine and removing dust.
  • Furniture polish is best avoided, as it is far more likely to leave a dull finish on the wood than clean it.
  • If you accidentally spill any liquid onto wooden furniture, wipe it immediately.
  • Use coasters and placemats.
  • Keep wooden furniture away from excessively hot or cold areas.

When you purchase any item of furniture in our stores, our store assistants will be happy to advise you on care of individual wood items so feel free to ask their advice too!

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