Styling Your Home With Darker Colours
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How to Style Your Home When You Adore Darker Colours

Style Your Home When You Adore Darker Colours

When you’re attempting to style your home or update a room, the temptation is to play it safe but what if you have a penchant for darker toned furniture? Is it advisable to steer clear? Darker colour tastes do have a place in interiors and when done well, it can look incredibly striking and unique. We have put together some tips on how to get the look you want when you love this look. 

The Living Room

Cocoon Sofa

In terms of a living room where you might have bought a dark, richly coloured sofa such as this velvet masterpiece, the addition of an occasional chair such as the Dune will instantly add a pop of colour and pattern without taking the focus away from your distinctively toned sofa. A contrasting pop of colour and pattern such as what these pieces offer will add interest and crucially still be very much focused on comfort, luxury and exceptional furniture design. 

Quick wins in terms of diluting the overall dark theme can also be achieved by incorporating a light coloured coffee table; keep it luxurious with a coffee table made with high quality materials like this wonderful marble table from our Monaco collection. If you already have a dark sofa and a dark coffee table, all is not lost as simply by getting a piece of mirror cut (try a glass supplier - lots are available around Ireland at reasonable prices) to fit the size of the table top, you will add an amazing new focus to the room. The mirrored top will reflect natural light (or a white ceiling) injecting an instant brightening impact to the room. We have a fantastic new selection of mirrored furniture which includes a beautiful side/console table and this would be an exceptional addition to the living room. Style this mirrored furniture with complementary and similar accessories such as mirrored picture frames, metallic candelabras and other metallic ornaments which are widely available. 

The Bedroom

Black bed frame

A black bed frame definitely gives a striking appeal to a room but you don’t want to go too over the top with the look or it will swamp it all. With a dark bed frame, your work should be focused on the accessories in order to create a beautifully complementary affair. Do this by having white painted walls; source pretty white, crisp bed linen and accent if you so wish with additions of colour using cushions and richly textured throws. Metallic accessories such as lamps, silver picture frames and metallic candle holders would work wonderfully well in this scene also. Finish the look with a textured or patterned rug which can keep to the dark theme if you so wish.

Bed linen

The Study / Office

Commodore Seater

With some people lucky enough to have a dedicated home office and/or study space, it’s nice to furnish it with your own distinct tastes. This beautiful leather swivel chair comes with a matching footstool and while it could be argued that you are unlikely to get much work done seated in it due to its comfort focus, it’s definitely something that would be a sleek addition to the study/office corner. We’re also big fans of this dark brown armchair called the Commodore which screams influence to the classic TV show Mad Men. Accessorise this room with bold and strong pieces such as black framed art or black framed motivational prints or wall decals. Add smaller black accessories like plant pots of varying sizes with plants that will add edge such as cacti and succulents. 


The Dining Room

Dining Room Chair

We adore this dining table from the Eminence range because not only is it classy looking, it scores high on practicality because of its ceramic table top; it’s also a winner because it is extendable so it’s easy to incorporate additional guests. You can keep going with your dark taste and by adding a timeless faux leather classic dining chair that are inherently durable. Or lighten the mood to contrast with your dark dining table by adding a crisp white dining chair like this beauty which is the Astrid white dining chair. Add quirky accessories to dress your table like black candles in black candle holders, add some black and white patterned napkins and finish with some beautifully traditional silver cutlery for a really standout scene. 

Black Candles

So there are just some ideas to help you work with your dark coloured favourites. Be true to your tastes; style your home the way you want and your polished and passionate theme will stand out! 

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