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How to Style Your Rented Home

Styling a rented home

Moving into a house even when you don’t own it is still a nice occasion. It’s likely a place that you have researched and looked for in depth and in these times of lack of supply of rented accommodation, it might be something you’ve longed for a prolonged time. It’s likely been hard fought so there is simply no point in not attempting to make it your own in some way while of course staying within the boundaries of your rental terms and conditions. It’s advisable to discuss any prospective aesthetic changes that you have in mind such as painting with your landlord before proceeding but additions of your own furniture are unlikely to cause any issue. We’ve put together some suggestions which we hope might make your rental that bit more your own! 

Modular Furniture

Harris Modular Sofa

Inclusion of modular furniture such as a modular sofa (as above) is a clever and efficient way to update your rented home. Modular furniture typically comes in a number of sectional pieces and so the set-up can be changed, for example should you move house again in the future. The sectional pieces have the added advantage of being easy to disassemble and transport for any possible future house move. We particularly like the Harris modular sofa for a rented accommodation because the neutral colour will allow it to fit in with the majority of colour schemes and it can be easily updated or dressed up with a pretty throw in a colour, texture and pattern of choice. 

Inspired Lighting

Oslo Lamp Table

It’s unlikely that you will have the landlord’s permission or that you have the inclination to change the accommodation’s existing embedded lighting but it might be a feature that bothers you about the space. Old fashioned lighting fixtures can prove a pain-point but take the focus from them by buying candles, candelabras and unique lamps that can move with you in the future. Lamps come in so many sizes and styles that you’re sure to find one that you adore and that will be flexible in terms of your needs. Place a number of varying sized lamps around the home and incorporate the smaller lamps on a series of lamp tables that match each other to add consistency. We are big fans of the on trend Oslo oak lamp tables in our collection; you can see the Scandi’ influence in these tables with their sleek but retro feel.

Oslo Oak Lamp Table

Feature Walls

Feature Wall of Frames

Create interest on various walls with little upheaval around the home by creating feature walls of your favourite prints and images or even just of fancy frames. We love this interiors post which outlines a number of ways and plans of how you can set up a framed wall. Ensure to use wall-friendly hanging tools that won’t cause damage (and endanger the possibility of you getting your deposit back at the end of your lease). If framing images sounds like too much effort, you could also create a beautiful display using inexpensive wall decals, many of which are easy to remove. Browse Etsy for a wide variety.



Colourful Rug

Make a style statement with minimal effort and expense using a rug. With a myriad of textures, colours and patterns available, you can inject life into a tired and dated looking room with a well-chosen rug. We have a huge selection in-store in a variety of sizes and all at budget friendly prices. The beauty of using a rug in your rental is that firstly it will protect the floors from damage that may threaten your rental deposit and secondly, it’s something that can easily move with you should you choose to vacate the property.

Storage & Display

Montpellier Coffee Table

Even though you don’t own the home, you’ll likely gather up all many belongings over time and it’s nice to have a place to put them in order to prevent clutter. A great idea when renting is to get furniture that “works hard” for you, for example something like a coffee table as above which also provides fantastic storage space in its ample sized drawers. If you don’t have the floor area for a large coffee table like this, another option is a smaller side cabinet which obviously can be used to store things behind its closed doors but you can use the surface space to display photo frames, vases and lamps. 

Canterbury two door cabinet

Hopefully these suggestions will help you to really make your house a home. Once you put your own stamp on things, it will make your rental that bit more your own! 

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