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New Kitchen Decor Themes and Ideas

New Kitchen Decor Themes & Ideas

Whether it’s a new home or just a room remodel, choosing a kitchen decor theme requires a lot of thought. That’s because there are so many elements to the room: the flooring, the cabinet materials and colours, the furniture, the wall finishes, the lighting fixtures, the appliances and so on. The fact that the kitchen is probably the most important room of the home is also something that needs to be remembered when allotting time to the decision making process because you and your family are likely going to spend a large portion of your days in this very room! 

Kitchen Decor - Storage

"A great kitchen is equal parts beauty and function” - this is a quote from a well known U.S. interior designer Stefani Stein and is a simple message to remember when choosing elements like decor, accessories and storage for your kitchen. Of course you want your kitchen to look beautiful but down the line, if it’s not meeting your needs for example through a lack of storage, there’s no amount of fancy ornaments will help when you have nowhere to house your large saucepans, for example. Going back to the interiors expert Stefani Stein, she recommends “a mix of enclosed storage and open shelving for a clutter-free and well-curated kitchen.” Open storage i.e. shelving definitely looks great and allows you to display cherished framed photos, coloured ornaments to emphasise your colour theme and it also facilitates some storage too. Closed storage incorporates your chosen kitchen cabinets but it can also include free-standing sideboard units like our stunning French farmhouse inspired Rosebay sideboard and cabinet. It not only adds unique rustic charm but it also provides a fantastic amount of storage space for the usual kitchen items like saucepans and appliances but also dining-ware like glasses and dinner plates. This type of furniture is ideal in a large kitchen that might have a dining area to the room.  

Kitchen Decor - Storage

Kitchen Decor - Countertops

Kitchen countertop selection is a decision that you should consider carefully. You might have it in mind that a solid wood countertop such as teak will fit into your design and decor themes but you need to think of the practicalities too and there are so many! Solid wood of course looks beautiful and comes in a variety of colours: light, medium and dark oaks, teaks, mahogany and so on. But solid wood worktops require care in their lifetime. You’ll need to shield them from heat which is commonplace (with saucepans, teapots etc) in kitchens and you’ll have to be careful to not scratch the surface through general wear and tear. Some people like this more worn and rustic look and are prepared to do the maintenance (such as regular oiling) but it’s important to know what’s involved. Marble, granite etc countertops are other options too but can be expensive but are durable and long-lasting. Laminate countertops are cost effective and durable and with advances in materials technology, they look amazingly well. The key point is to understand the material you are choosing, understand how it will age; understand what care (if any) that it will require. 

Kitchen Decor - Lighting

Kitchen Decor-Lightning

Lighting is important in relation to the obvious functional side but it can also fit into your chosen theme. If you have a kitchen island, it’s important to have some focused lighting around this area because inevitably, you and your family will end up spending a large portion of your time in this area. If you’re going for a more traditional or classic theme, a large hanging pendant light can create a beautiful style statement and also deliver the light you need. If your theme is more modern or contemporary, a series of recessed spot lights will work well or a really modern take would be a sleek LED strip light. 

Kitchen Decor - Lighting

Kitchen Decor - Colour

Consider colour themes carefully for your kitchen. While coloured cabinetry can look beautiful, it’s a large portion of the room (and likely the budget) and so if you end up disliking your bold colour choice, it can be cumbersome and expensive to replace. If you’re thinking of including for example, the likes of duck egg blue kitchen cabinets, try to ask your kitchen fitter for real life examples that you can physically visit. This will also give you an opportunity to discuss it with the owner to see if they have any takeaways that you can learn. If you’re more inclined to choose more traditional or neutral coloured kitchen cabinets, then you can add pops of colour through art for the walls, patterned curtains or blinds or really easily through some accented furniture. We particularly adore these Chelsea bar stools that come in a choice of 4 classy colours and would add a supreme sense of thematic colour and style to a kitchen island counter for example. You could choose a series of one colour or one of each colour to really make a statement! 

Kitchen Decor - Coloured Bar Stools

Kitchen Decor - Backsplash

Kitchen Decor - Backsplash

The kitchen backsplash which is the area that surrounds the walls of your cabinets and appliances is something that can refine, add definition and focus to your overall kitchen theme therefore it’s simply crucial to think about it early in the design phase. There are a wide selection of textures and colours to choose from for your backsplash. The general option that people take is tiles because they are practical (from a cleaning and maintenance point of view). Tile choice can be modern, traditional and so much more depending on the colour, texture, size and style you choose. It’s advisable to choose your kitchen cabinetry first and almost simultaneously your backsplash. 

Good luck with your new kitchen design! We’re happy to advise you in EZ Living with any dining furniture that you might need to go with your updated room.

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