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Recliner Chairs and Sofas Guide

Recliner SofaModern recliners came to the market around the 1920s; since then materials and fabrics technology has moved on significantly to today when we have lots of choice when selecting the recliner sofa or chair of our dreams. Choosing any piece of furniture should include some thought and consideration over a period of time. You’re parting with some hard earned cash so it’s important to research in advance of your purchase. Reclining furniture is the epitome of comfort and relaxation and can also be excellent to support those with back or neck issues. Depending on the type you get, reclining chairs and sofas can take up a bigger amounts of space than standard living room chairs and sofas so before going to the furniture shop, consider who will be using the recliner chair and/or sofa, the available floor space, and your personal preferences in relation to things like size and materials (e.g. fabric or leather or a combination) and of course, set a budget and stick to it.

Reclining Chairs & Sofa - Colour & Fabric

Fabric Recliner Chair

The selection of reclining chairs and sofas has expanded greatly in recent years as has the quality of the manufacture of them too. Generally people choose between a leather recliner and a fabric recliner but sometimes people have a mix of both. This can work if you have a fabric sofa for example and add in a complementary coloured leather recliner chair (or vice versa of course). Your family situation will need to be considered too. If you have young children, a dark leather reclining set might be the most practical option; spills on leather can be easily wiped away and the darker coloured leather will hide a certain amount of “accidents” too! A fabric reclining set isn’t out of the question if you have young kids; fabric quality has advanced greatly in recent years but do take care to check the product specifications and “care” label before purchasing in order to understand if it’s an easy-clean fabric. Our sales advisors in EZ Living Interiors will also of course be happy to answer any questions you might have about our extensive recliner collection.

Reclining Chairs & Sofa - Frame Construction

Recliner chairs and sofa frames can be made from wood including pine or oak and they can also be constructed using steel or even plastic or a combination of those. The heavier the frame, the sturdier the chair or sofa will be and the thus the longer it is likely to last. Obviously if a frame is made from solid wood, you’ll pay more but it’s an investment which will last longer than the rest. This is definitely a good option when you plan on using the reclining furniture a lot or if you have a large family.

Reclining Chairs & Sofa - Size

Leave at least 3 inches between a standard reclining sofa or chair and the wall behind it. Some “wall-hugger” reclining furniture won't require any empty space behind, while larger recliners may require more than the recommended 4-inch space. Don’t forget about needing sufficient space in front of your reclining sofa/chair for the footrest to pop up without hitting against the likes of a coffee table. You also might see reference to “wall-away” reclining furniture; essentially these types of reclining chairs/sofas are designed to slightly push your body forward as you recline the furniture. Wall-away recliners’ unique engineering allows the chair/sofa to extend into its horizontal position without having to place the base of the chair a substantial distance away from the wall. These are good if you’re limited on space. 

Reclining Sofa

Reclining Chairs & Sofa - Special Features

Recliner Chair

You’ll find some recliner chairs and sofas come with special features. For example, some recliners are operated via electric motor as opposed to a manual lever. Manual lever style recliner chairs are easy to use but the electric motor variety do tend to offer an easier touch which might be amenable to those who have restricted arm strength, for example the elderly or infirm. Other “special features” in a recliner chair or couch might be a USB port which could allow you to charge your devices and so on. Others might have a receptacle where drinks can be stored therefore providing a really comfortable and immersive experience while relaxing. Orthopaedic recliner chairs are fantastic for the elderly or for those who suffer from back issues and require more focused support.

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