Ultimate Colour Mood Guide for Interiors
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Ultimate Colour Mood Guide for Interiors

Ultimate Colour Mood Guide for Interiors

Colours can impact on our mood and there’s even a whole area of psychology devoted to the concept. For the sceptics amongst us, it may seem a little tenuous to say that a colour can improve or sway your mood in a positive or a negative way, think about if you have the option of entering a room painted a sleek black or a room painted a pristine white. It’s likely the majority of people would indicate their preference for the brighter room as unless you have a migraine, it’s unlikely that one would prefer to spend time in a darkened room. Similarly, it’s possible to choose other ways other than wall paint colour to use colour to impact on your home’s interior. Accessories such as cushions and other textiles, wall art, flowers and plants can add colour pops to a room and create a whole new scene and impact on mood in a positive way.

Tips to Consider when Contemplating Colour Use in Interiors:

1. Take each room one by one and think about how long you’ll spend in each one and at what times of day, consider the activities that will take place in that room and the mood you want to induce.

2. Note the times of the day that the sun enters the room; is it morning, afternoon, or at all? A room that doesn’t catch much light might benefit from being painted a bright colour and to be accessorised with brighter additions.

3. Note the size/area of the room in question. As a general rule, bright colours give the feeling of more space and the darker or warm colours makes the room look smaller.

4. Don’t forget that it isn’t just wall colour that can make an impact. Think about aspects like flooring too; there are so many wonderful flooring options that can really make a significant impact in a room. 

Getting Colours into a Room - A Guide

Getting Colours into a Room - A Guide


Brown Loveseat

Mood Evoked: Naturalness, Comfort, Security, and Stability.

Brown is a mixture of colours so is often considered a neutral colour and while it might not be a colour that comes to mind for wall paint, it most definitely is something that is easily implemented in the complementary furniture that you add for the room. Think classic brown leather sofas, brown leather armchairs for the living room and dark brown wood finished bed frames.


White Bed Frame

Mood Evoked: Quietness, Calm, and Pureness.

White is a crisp and modern colour and can really give a fresh injection to any home. While some might view it as being a little austere and cold, once it’s not in an overwhelming manner, it can create an amazing and memorable theme. In the kitchen or dining room, you could incorporate this look in the form of a white dining chair and matching dining table, accessories like a beautiful vase filled with colourful silk flowers could adorn this to add a pop of colour. In a bedroom, a white bed frame would be a welcome addition and could create a beautiful atmosphere. Once again, accessories and bedroom essentials such as monochrome bed linen or monochrome wall art would be hugely complementary.  



Grey Armchair

Mood Evoked: Calm, Cool.

Having grey incorporated into your home brings a multitude of possibilities. Its calming hues provide a fantastic canvas to add a pop of colour when you want it. There are a wide variety of grey tones available for walls which provide a great canvas for the rest of the room. This type of room would be perfect for mirrored furniture and in the likes of a bedroom could create an amazing setting.

Mirrored furniture


Yellow Bar Stool

Mood Evoked: Happiness, Positivity.

While it’s obvious that yellow is a very positive colour and has the ability to evoke happiness, experts do say that if a room is over designed with yellow elements, it can create a mood of frustration and overwhelm. Therefore, while it’s definitely wonderful to have in a room, measured inclusion is best. Pops of yellow colour can be incorporated by use of yellow kitchen functional items like kettles and toasters and in the living room, cushions are widely available in beautiful yellow patterns. In terms of furniture, we particularly love our Chelsea bar stool in this particular yellow colour as it’s so appealing to the eye (as well as being supremely comfortable) and it would make an amazing style statement in any kitchen.

What colours evoke positive (and negative) moods for you? Good luck with your colour based styling!  

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